Cougar™ SCBA

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Silicone rubber facepiece provides comfort and durability, even in extreme heat or cold. Won’t oxidize or react with ozone. Also provides the better sealing ability for improved comfort and fit. Five-strap head harness and skirt with Twenty20+® Plus facepiece. First stage regulator has minimal moving parts, dramatically enhancing reliability while reducing maintenance costs. Second stage regulator has compact, low profile; Air Klic™ fastening system; first-breath-on; better downward vision for less chance of damage; allows attachment in any orientation; regulator holder on waist strap allows regulator to be kept in stand-by mode. Mighty-Light® backpack is light, easy to use, and comfortable; no tools required for quick, easy disassembly and assembly. Features bell alarm and 2216 psig 30-minute aluminum cylinder.